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County of DeWitt, State of Illinois

DeWitt County Clerk & Recorder 
201 W. Washington St. 
PO Box 439 Room 109
Clinton IL 61727
(217) 935-7780
Fax: 217-935-7789

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DeWitt County Clerk & Recorder

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Dana Smith
DeWitt County Clerk and Recorder 

201 W. Washington St. 
PO Box 439 Room 109
Clinton IL 61727
(217) 935-7780
Fax: 217-935-7789

9/23/2014: First Day Absentee Voting
10/7/2014: Close of registration
10/8 thru 11/1/2014: Grace period registration
10/20 thru 11/1/2014: Early Voting


Special dates the County Clerk's office will be open for Election related business:

10/4/2014: Open 8:30 to Noon for registration and absentee voting
10/9/2014: Open until 6PM for absentee and grace period Reg and Voting
10/20/2014: Open until 6PM and grace Reg and voting
11/1/2014: Open 8:30AM to Noon early and grace Reg and Voting
11/2/2014: Noon to 3 for early and grace Reg and Voting
2015 - Ballot Specimen (.pdf)

General Fees effective 11-1-2015 (.pdf)

Protection from Property & Mortgage Fraud

Property Check 


DeWitt County Clerk records now available online.
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Vital Statistics

Vital Statistics includes: birth, death and marriage records. Birth certificates may only be obtained by the mother or father listed on the Certificate, legal guardian or by the child if the child is 18 years of age. Photo ID is required to obtain a birth record. Birth records begin in 1878.

Death records begin in 1878. Death certificates may be obtained by any party with a legitimate interest

Marriage records begin in 1839.

Fees are as follows:

$10.00 for a search per name

One certified copy of a birth record


Second copy purchased at same time


One certified copy of Death


Second copy purchased at same time


One certified copy of marriage


Second copy purchased at same time


Marriage Licenses

Marriage Licenses may be obtained Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The license is good beginning the following day and is good for 60 days. The license may only be used in the County in which it is obtained. You must be at least 18 to obtain a license. If you are under 18, both of your parents must be present when getting the license. Federal Law states that we must see a copy of your Social Security card. The License is $55.00 and must be paid in cash.

Delinquent Taxes

Taxes sold at the tax sale must be redeemed in the County Clerk's office. You need to call ahead of time to be assured of the exact amount of the payment. No personal checks can be taken for payment.

Recording Fees

All documents to be recorded, with the exception of Military Papers(DD214) must have a 3 X 5 space in the upper right hand corner for recording information. Any document that does not have the 3 x 5 space will be an additional $12.00 per document.

Deeds, mortgages, releases, assignments of mortgages, oil, gas and mineral assign $37.00 covers the first 4 pages with each page after $1.00 per page.

The Following is a list of documents to which the $10.00 rental housing surcharge does not apply:

The recording fee for the following documents is $27.00 for the first 4 pages and $1.00 per page thereafter:

  • Articles of Incorporation and related documents
  • Judgments, Memo of Judgments
  • Notice of Probate
  • Power of Attorney
  • UCC'S
  • Wills